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November 7, 2011
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ACD : Tutku Bayram by starexorcist ACD : Tutku Bayram by starexorcist
◊ Name: Tutku Bayram
◊ Age: 22
◊ Gender: Male
◊ Height: 5’10”
◊ Birthplace: Uzungol , Anatolia
◊ Occupation: Assassin
◊ Rank: Assistente
◊ Stats:
◊HP - 4
◊STR -16 (3+13)
◊DEF - 7 (2+5)
◊DEX - 15 (11+4)
◊AGI - 39 (10+29)

◊ Likes:
◊ Foreign Foods
◊ Sunsets
◊ The Lute
◊ Whistling
◊ Herbology
◊ Taming Animals
◊ Traveling

◊ Dislikes:
◊ Mistreating of animals
◊ Town Bards
◊ Being told to stay in one place
◊ Uselessly Noisy people

◊ Personality:
Tutku is a naturally loud man but does not talk unnecessarily. He speaks with conviction and will look anyone straight in the eye when he does . He seems very honest because of his upfront behavior but he loves to twist words to get people to do what he wants. He is a very loyal friend though. He is passionate about what he believes but is not hard headed enough to not listen to others’ opinions. He is the type who will help others and never let them know. As he is a first generation assassin he is still a bit naive and ignorant to the ways of the brotherhood. He is somewhat motherly when it comes to his knowledge of herbs and plants, and their uses but he is by no means an expert at it. He is simply a somewhat skilled tea and salve maker.

◊ Biography:
Tutku was born away from civilization in a small sheep farm in the mountains near Uzungol lake, where he lived ,without leaving, for 5 years. The first day his father took him into town for trading, he witnessed an assassination. Being an active boy that always played around sharp cliffs and dangerous animals, he became fascinated.

Little did he know that his father actually was a supplier for the Brotherhood. His father, knowing his cantankerous, adventure loving son, agreed to put in a good work for him but only with certain circumstances. Tutku would be allowed to train and visit the base with him when he traveled but he was not allowed to become an assassin until he was at least 20.

He was delayed originally delayed because of his father falling ill but, after he recovered Tutku went straight to the familiar base with a note from his father. He worked solely in the area of Constantinople for about a year to prove that he was ready for the true duties of an assassin and then was sent to rome

Overall, becoming an assassin wasn’t that much of a lifestyle change since he was already accustomed to traveling through the mountains and low oxygen levels, so he has a very high stamina. He is more prone towards Information gathering and stealth, and is often chosen for looting and stalking missions.

Tutku prefers to be lightly dressed seeing as armor slows him down and is very cumbersome. When he is lounging he prefers to be lightly dressed. He sometimes gains unwanted attention because of the scars he obtained in his youth. He has large scars on the palms of his hands from attempting to rope a wild goat. The rope was coarse and thus, tore the skin from his hands. He has another large scar from his left shoulder to right hip from when he fell down a cliff.

He travels between bases often but he mainly reports to the Roman base and then moves from place to place as he is told. He knows a few languages from the days of helping his father’s sheep trading days. He only speaks Turkish, English and Italian fluently though. When aggravated he will speak to himself in Turkish

◊ Relationships:

Ravenna : They have differing opinions on friendships within the occupation but Tutku thinks she is a fine young lady who will probably be of great help in the future.

Salem: Only having met the man once Tutku if fascinated by Salem. He has quite the strange feelings about him that he just can't place his finger on. Salem seems to not really care about his existence though.

◊ Equipment:
◊ Training Weapons (not equipped)
◊ Hidden Blade
◊ Rapier
◊ Whip
◊ Throwing Knives

◊ Storage: N/A

◊ Current Florins:
3100 Florins

◊ Total Florins:
14200 Florins

◊Associated Art:
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Atobe333 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah man he is totally cute
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Ahhh what a lovely guy ; v ; I just can't help staring at that flirtatious expressionnnn~ :iconasdfghplz:

THE LUTE :heart:
Toxic-Mai Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Student
I like him - v -
AuronMercury Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012
My gooood. I love this character so much, and a comment in this picture, your "He doesn't care about gender" made me so *mygodihavetomeetthischaracter* Mmhhn, i saw that he's in a roleplay.. mhn. i'm seeing ths group and i'm about enetering in it. are you still in this game?
starexorcist Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
on and off. I've been fairly busy lately;;;;
AuronMercury Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
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Sparda81 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
The most awesome of the first gens, and you had to make him slightly gay.
starexorcist Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Tutku isn't 'slightly gay'
He does not care about gender.
Sooooo I guess that makes him plenty gay (and plenty straight) since he's easy with his affections :U
Sparda81 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
So he's a man whore?
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